Dorit Margreiter Choy

selected works
Poverty Housing. Americus, Georgia

In the film installation “Poverty Housing. Americus, Georgia” film-maker Rebecca Baron and artist Dorit Margreiter address the subject of the reenactment and display of poverty as in the case of the “Global Village Discovery Center” in Americus, Georgia (USA), which contains a replica of an existing South African slum. The theme park which is operated by a non-profit association serves to raise money for the association’s social activities through the graphic visualization of poverty. The work raises questions about the relationship of subject and image, production and reproduction, as well as about the manipulative power of images in general, the documentary value of film, the mechanisms of art production, the process of film-making and the mediatized representation of reality. Margreiter and Baron employ technological processes and forms of presentation derived from the fields of architecture and design as well as from film and documentary.

Film credits
Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter. Poverty Housing. Americus, Georgia
2008, 35mm, 13:58 min, color, sound
Camera Hannes Boeck
Edited by Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter
Production assistant Karin Haas
35mm Transfer and Prints Synchrofilm Wien Vienna
35mm Installation Wolfgang Konrad
Thanks to Anette Baldauf, Katrina Daschner, Carola Dertnig,
Friedemann Derschmidt, Doug Goodwin, Bettina Henkel, Ludwig Loeckinger,
Larry Perrault, Martin Rauchbauer/ACF New York
With kind support of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Produced by MAK Vienna 2008

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